Saturday, November 7, 2009

Is it possible to lick a frog and get high?

I have heard of this phenomena a lot of times before. But I never found scientific proof for it. So is it possible to lick a frog or a toad and get high? If so, how? Not that I'm going to do it or anything :) I need the answer for my physiology class.
Yup -- but you can also have trouble!"About 40 years ago a giant tropical toad, Bufo marinus, was introduced into the southern United States and Hawaii to control the unwanted insect population. While the tactic worked well for insect control, it was later found that the toad secreted a fatal toxin. This toxin is produced in the glands on the toad's head and shoulders. Both humans and animals exposed to the substance can become intoxicated. . . . Death (in pets) can occur as fast as 15 minutes if untreated. "
Actually, yes. There are frogs in tropical areas that exude a mucus that has as part of its composition halucinogenic chemicals. These frogs were at one time for sale, and old folks in rest homes, believe it or not, kept them as pets.You might try some googling----frogs+ tropics+ dendrobates (genus) or +poison arrow dart frogs, or + strawberry red poison arrow dart frogs... for one might lead you somewhere. The compounds in the mucus are as well antibiotic, and anti-fungal.. one of the reasons these critters can live in damp environments and not get infections of their skins when they are injured. Saw these when we were in Costa Rica
Yes indeed,though I don't recommend licking any frogs or toads.The large parotid glands of toads of the genus Bufo, located just behind the eyes, produce two substances鈥攂ufogenin and bufotoxin鈥攖hat affect the adrenal and cardiovascular systems in humans. A third parotoid secretion鈥攂ufotenin, an alkaloid鈥攊s a powerful hallucinogen. The Colorado River toad (Bufo alvarius) possesses the specific enzyme for production of this sub-stance, and the parotoids, which can contain large amounts of the hallucinogen, can produce hallucinations when the skin is dried and smoked. The hallucinogenic properties of toad parotoid glands were well known to the native peoples of Central America, and images of toads with prominent parotoid glands are a common feature on bowls and other objects found at archeological sites.
Not a frog, it's rumored that if you lick a TOAD youll get high because the warts on their skin contain a toxin used to get their prey. I have heard this but I've never tried it so Im ot sure if it's true. You do it and let me know.

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