Saturday, November 7, 2009

is it safe to take NyQuil while on antibiotics?

I am taking Penicillin VK prescribed by my dentist because of root canal therapy, but I am not feeling too well. Is it safe to take NyQuil?
yes you can. There is no drug interaction. Just stay away from acetaminophen if you are taking nyquil (nyquil already has that in it.) Acetaminophen is in pain pills, tylenol, etc.
You can call a pharmacist and they can tell you.
Or your local hospital or clinic.
Hope you feel better.
Read the back of the NyQuil bottle and see if it says anything. If not, then ask your Doctor. I think it should be though since it's OTC.
Yes; NyQuil should not have any negative interactions with Penicillin VK.
I would say that you can take it, but I would still recommend that you ask a pharmacist.
heck yah
Other than the basic fact that Nyquil is useless, there's little reason to worry. Drug interactions are quite unlikely.

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