Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is it illegal for a pharmacy to stock "placebo" pills?

This is a debate currently going on in another board, and it centers mainly on whether or not a pharmacy is allowed to have "fake XX" to give to people who try to steal or forcefully take these pills from the pharmacies. Also, if someone could point me to where I could find this information for myself, I would appreciate it.
its not illegal to stock is illegal to sell them as real pills.
If people want to steal medication then I applaud the fact that the pharmacy will give you sugar pills instead. People who break the law only have themselves to blame.However if you want to find placebos actually for sale just look for any "medication" labelled homeopathic.
No, it isn't illegal. It would only be unlawful if they were selling placebo's in place of legitimate pills. It makes allot of sense for them to have these on hand to give them out in place of the legal narcotics that some would steel or rob for.
Placebos are used only in clinical trials, under controlled conditions and therefore are not available to the general public. While it might not be illegal for pharmacies to stock them, why should they do so when they can't legally sell them?
Some doctors will prescribe placebos for patients that really have nothing wrong with them but insist on some sort of pill to cure them. I wouldn't be surprised they are in the pharmacy.
NO I have prescribed them on occasion.

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