Monday, October 12, 2009

Is expired cough medicine harmful?

Id say i have about 1.5oz of Pathatussin DM. The expiration date is 11/01. Would i get sick if i drink it all?
The expiration date helps you know when the chemical will lose its strength, but not because it becomes weaker, but because the exposure to light, air and many other factors causes it to breakdown or recombine with other elements forming a new substance. They warn you not to take expired medicine because many times poisons are formed that can harm you when ingested
yeah over dose= coma in most cases
no, but it wont do anything if you ARE sick. hang on, are you asking if you should drink it? uh, find better things to do with your time, if so.
2001, buddy it's 2007 why would you drink something that old, thats like eating moldy food, ewwwwwwwwwww and yes you could get sick.
drink it and see.
Probably not. The expiration dates on medications tells you when the chemicals will stop working. All compounds decay overtime and become something else. So, it probably won't make you sick, but it won't do anything for your cough. You can only really keep medicine a month after the expiration date.
Not really but it's no use in taking it because the strength is gone. Some meds are harmful though if you do take it after expiration but for cough syrups, no effect on the cough. How about going the natural method and eat pure honey, that works?!
The reason medicines have expiration dates is that medicines lose their chemical stability over time and after that period of time, there could be higher concentrations of something else, which could be harmful to you than the medicine itself. If it's something 6 years old, I would just go buy another bottle of cough medicine. Pathatussin is really cheap too. A whole bottle might cost you $4 or $5. Just be safe and buy another bottle. Your health is worth more than a few bucks.
1.5 oz is equal about 44 ml, which is nearly 9 teaspoons, which is more than 4 times a typical dose.For unexpired medicine, it's definitely an overdose, but it shouldn't grossly hurt you. 6 yrs is a bit long for expiration, so there's no guarantee that it hasn't deteriorated into something else, particularly if you don't know what the storage conditions were during the last 6 yrs.
Most drug expiration dates are set for absolute safety, i.e., they don't want drugs to go bad one day after expiration, so they set the dates for a wide margin.
well yeah, all expired medications are harmfull, why would they put the expiry date on it otherwise?? ...
Mastrubating can also help kill time. Take some viagra and make yourself have a heart attack. I'm sure it's funner than being in a damn coma. Don't take that medicine. I'm pretty sure you'll get that euphoric feeling for about 4 hrs, but it's not worth it. All of those chemicals can make you test positive for a lot of things in a urine drug test.

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