Saturday, October 24, 2009

Is it ok to take Soma while on Zoloft?

I am currently in Venezuela and I am taking Zoloft for depression ( It sucks) I have a back injury and I was wondering if any of you guys and girls are nurses or doctors and I was wondering if its ok to take both at the same time. I have not been able to contact my doctor and the doctors here dont know what Soma is. Does anyone know? Please help. Thanks you guys!
I'm not a doctor, but I would say definitely not. Both are extremely strong drugs and even if they don't interact with each other, the combination would wipe you out completely (you'd be like a limp noodle, unable to fully use your muscles and totally spaced out). I don't know if you've ever used Soma before, but I have and after taking it I couldn't get out of bed by myself, my legs wouldn't support me. Please don't take anyones advice on here, make sure you get ahold of your doctor before you do anything!
its ok it will just really really relax you
I took Soma, Viccodin and smoked a bunch of weed once. it wasnt good...... i would say probably not!
My understanding is that Zoloft is a long-term use anti-depressant. It's not a quick acting anti-anxiety calm you down type pill like Xanax but requires a build up effect and makes it so you "think differently" over a period of time with the use of the medication. It is an SSRI (tell your doctors that if they don't understand what Zoloft is they should know what an SSRI is) and works with your brain chemistry and works by replacing certain chemicals (like serotonin) in your brain. Soma on the other hand is a muscle relaxant. The generic name of soma is carisoprodol, it's possible the doctors there will know it by that name. It is odd the doctors there don't know what it is though because it is a medication that has been around for a very very long time. Soma works on the central nervous system (a simplified way of saying what it does is that rather than replacing neurotransmitters like zoloft does it inhibits certain functions in the nervous system that send messages to the brain that tell you to be in pain) and is for short term use. It's also very habit forming. Zoloft and Soma are totally different categories of drugs. Where some categories should not be mixed, I haven't heard of anything about muscle relaxants having adverse effects with Zoloft. On a personal note, I currently take Zoloft for anxiety, OCD, and a myriad of other things. I've also taken several drugs in the same category as Zoloft before coming to it as one that works. While taking these meds I've had doctors prescribe me Flexeril without batting an eye. I do a lot of backpacking and hiking and usually have muscle relaxants on hand because of it. I prefer Flexeril to Soma because though it makes me more sleepy, I can still function on it (I don't get all lupey or druggy) where I can't on Soma. Flexeril and Soma are in the same category of drugs, so you should be okay. Still though it is best to consult with a doctor before taking anything, you may have some other personal reason why that would not be good for you.

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